How to Play Roulette

Playing roulette is not as hard as one may like to imagine. The roulette table is typically in two forms that are either double-sided or single-sided. A double-sided one means the same patterns will appear twice to take care of large crowds. Before playing the roulette, there are table limits that get displayed close to the table indicating the maximum and minimum number or sizes of bets that are allowed and the maximum payout that can be advanced.

With online roulette, one needs to choose the type of bet to place. There are inside bets that are made in the long rectangle and consist of individual numbers and outside bets used for placing bets on larger numbers. Of importance to note is that outside bets do have lower rates of payout since players have a huge chance of winning their bets on wider outcomes. Different tables of roulette will most specifically feature varying limits, though players may choose a table that they feel will suit their bankroll.

As mentioned earlier, playing the roulette is not as hard as it may seem. Once a player is ready to begin playing, they are supposed to place the chips in the designated square that are on the table. Thereafter, the croupier will go ahead to set the ball rotating with players being guaranteed a random result. Here, the croupier will spin the wheel in a clockwise manner with the ball getting released in some anti-clockwise fashion. Immediately the ball does reach the wheel, then the croupier will declare ‘No more bets’, to mean that the betting option of the spin is complete.

In the event that the ball happens to rest in a place where it was initially predicted, then the player assumes all the winnings immediately. In other words, where the ball happens to rest will determine whether the bet is won or lost. If you are unlucky to win your bet(s), the croupier will collect all your chips but if you happen to win your bet, then the croupier will place all your winning chips on your initial bet while assuming that you want to continue placing more bets. However, if you feel that you have had enough, you must let the croupier know before proceeding to place or the next round of betting is over.

In online game of roulette, the wheel and the ball may appear to be virtual but the game that online roulette enthusiasts get to play coupled with the winnings or payouts or advanced to them are real. All the winnings get credited to players’ accounts almost immediately. Of importance to note is that here, the rules are not different as such to those that apply to land-based or brick-and-mortar casinos that offer roulette gaming.

As it appears, playing online roulette is one of the simplest things to do. One has to place the chips found on the screen of the roulette then place as many bets as possible. If lady luck smiles on a player based on the number of colors chosen, then the payouts are advanced. It is as simple as that. In fact, the simplicity that comes with playing the roulette is one of the reasons as to why a lot of people are opting to play the roulette in mass, especially across India.